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The Progress Report

Dec 20, 2021

For all the time and effort Jason Kenney, Postmedia and the oil and gas industry have put in to convincing people that evil foreign funded environmentalists have ulterior motives it turns out that the Canadian oil and gas industry is majority foreign owned. This fact has been discovered by Gordon Laxer and published in...

Dec 10, 2021

Petra Schulz of Moms Stop the Harm joins us to talk about the ongoing disaster that is the opioid poisoning crisis, how the UCP is making it worse and what we can do to stop it.

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Dec 7, 2021

Drug policy researcher Hilary Agro joins us to dissect the Edmonton Police's reaction to the revelation that a huge portion of their officers never carry Narcan, how the EPS spreads misinformation about fentanyl and the move by Toronto to decriminalize drug possession.