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The Progress Report

Jun 27, 2022

Host Duncan Kinney sits down with Dr. Jamie Livingston of Saint Mary's University to discuss why UCP's wrongheaded approach to centering police in mental health care and addictions and why we need well-funded, community led, civilian-led, unarmed mental health crisis response programs yesterday. 

Jun 22, 2022

Rob Houle joins host Duncan Kinney to discuss a month of police politics that saw the police and their business and UCP allies get everything they wanted with the police budget even if it took the likely withholding of vital facts about the Chinatown murder to get it.  

Jun 2, 2022

Journalist Sarah Hoyles joins Duncan Kinney to talk about how Kenney just won't go away, her dramatic departure from Ryan Jespersen's show and the state of independent media in Alberta. 

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May 25, 2022

Megan Linton, the creator and host of the stunning and incredibly well done podcast Invisible Institutions, joins host Duncan Kinney to discuss Alberta's past and present when it comes to eugenics, the Michener Centre and institutionalizing and confining people labelled as having intellectual disabilities. After a short...

May 20, 2022

Stephen Magusiak of Press Progress and Shama Rangwala, assistant professor at York University, join host Duncan Kinney to discuss Jason Kenney's exit* from Alberta politics.